Welcome to Perennium

Established in Geneva in 2013, currently operating in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, Perennium was born out of a vocation: to contribute to the society and the environment, by acting as a financial partner of foundations working for these great causes.

Most countries with a developed philanthropy sector have put in place recommendations or regulations for charities to have an independent financial adviser (see for instance the Swiss Foundation Code or the UK Charity Commission).

It goes without saying that this role of financial adviser can be assumed neither by a bank (which would be judge and party, leading to the too well-known conflicts of interest), nor by a member of the Board of Directors (who, on top of the skills, would also need the time and the tools, from financial data to dedicated software).

The independence of the financial adviser guarantees that he will defend exclusively the interests of the Foundation he works for, while having all the means and resources to do so. These resources are particularly powerful and wide-ranging when it comes to Perennium: we even have one of the best Banking IT systems in Switzerland, allowing us to provide asset consolidation in addition to asset supervision.

Perennium was born out of a vocation, and Perennium shares the values of the philanthropic world. Our partners and employees are personally committed to a variety of causes (children rights, access to higher education, access to musical education, protection of the oceans…) and our firm regularly conducts pro bono assignments.

We believe in the possibility of a better world, and we want to make our contribution. At our level, and by your side.

Arnaud Apffel