Shedding light on Responsible Investing

This blog section on the Perennium website is now a year old, and I realize that I have never discussed here the topic of Sustainable & Responsible Investment (SRI). Too obvious, no doubt, given our activities; and too much of a well-worn subject too (Yet another article on SRI?). However, there are so many confusing and uninformed things said on the topic that I would like to clarify the matter.

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A Guardian Angel for Foundations

Chairing the Board of a charitable foundation with a significant financial endowment? Seeking to devote all or part of your wealth to serve a cause? In both cases, institutional or individual, these are challenging tasks. With whom can you share your strategic thinking, who can you trust to grasp and deal with the often-arcane world of banking and asset management? Perennium, a Swiss-based advisory firm established in 2013 by an investment expert, understands both the financial and ethical issues of charities, and stands up for their interests.

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